Did the Munchkin RPG ever need pre-gen characters? No? Ah well, I made some anyway.

Steve the Mighty
Race/Class: Human Barbarian
Alignment: Neutral Impulsive
Steve the Mighty’s favourite sound is the despair of his enemies, and his favourite food is strawberry millefeuille.

Curunír i goll
Race/Class: Elven Wizard
Alignment: Lawful Weary
Curunír didn’t study for centuries under the finest magicians of the Western Isles just to have to put up with your shit now.

Narin the Irritating
Race/Class: Dwarven Bard
Alignment: Petulant Good
Narin was exiled from his mountain home after the elders tired of hearing about how his music was inspired by the dark emptiness of his soul.

Bobbin Brandybutter
Race/Class: Halfling Rogue
Alignment: Familial Neutral
The Brandybutter family have eyes and ears everywhere. You cross them at your peril.

Kallista Korol
Race/Class: Tiefling Sorcerer
Alignment: Psychotic Evil
No matter how great your need to smoke, do not ask Kallista if she has a lighter. They will still be discovering bits of your charred remains a week later.

Thrag the Questionable
Race/Class: Troll Ranger
Alignment: Meek Good
At the age of 12, trolls are sent into the wilderness and expected to hunt and kill to survive. Thrag returned that afternoon with a delightfully arranged bunch of carnations.