Ian's Modified Changeling Rules

This page is a brief summary of the character creation process for my Changeling games. Mostly the method is the same as for any old World of Darkness game, but in case you haven't played WoD before there should be enough info here to stat up your character anyway.

The Character Generation Process

The Most Important Bits


As with all WoD rules, there are 9 stats, split up into:

You start with one point in each of the 9 attributes. Then, order the three groups according to your character's strengths. For your best group, you have 7 points to allocate, for your next best you have 5, and for your character's worst group you have only 3 additional points to spend.


Although the game takes place in modern times, the characters are faeries through-and-through and not quite up-to-speed on human tech. Therefore the base ability lists are a more mediaeval set rather than those from Changeling: The Dreaming. However, a character may choose modern-day abilities (shown in brackets at the end of the lists below) up to the rank of their Human Contact background. Such abilities cost twice the normal amount to buy.

Reawakening only: Hey, kids! Streetwise is no longer a 'modern-day' skill for you. You may buy it at the normal rate, and regardless of your Human Contact.

The abilities are:

As with Attributes, arrange the three groups in order. Spend 13 dots amongst the abilities in your primary group, 9 in your secondary and 5 in your tertiary. If this feels restrictive, don't worry - it's easy to add new abilities with the freebie points you'll be spending at the end of character gen.


You have seven points to spend between the following possible backgrounds:


Next you need to decide what kind of glamours the character can cast (Arts - 3 points in total) and what kind of things they can affect (Realms - 5 points in total).

Freebie Points

That's just about it! Now all that's left is to spend 15 freebie points, at the following rates:

Merits & Flaws (Optional)

Feel free to use merits and flaws from any White Wolf book, so long as they're appropriate, or invent some of your own. I shan't list all the merits and flaws in WW literature here, as there's far too many!

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