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This is part of my blog, which I have long since stopped maintaining. The page has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. Please go back to the homepage to see the current contents of this site.

  • So Yesterday,

    I learnt two important things yesterday.

    Firstly, I learnt how to sew. Sort of, anyway. So that’s good! ^_^

    Secondly, I learnt that whoever invented the hakama must have been a person who never, ever had to wash one. Such a pain! Glad I only have to do this four times a year…

    Also, allegedly, my Legendary Kung Fu name is “Maniacal Slaying Fingers”. I… see. (see for yourself).

    Five days to go.

  • Sunshine and Mown Grass

    So today, it finally decided to be sunny again. My mission for today: Do something, anything, other than moping around the house. Mission successful!

    I managed to spend about seven hours at my Grandma’s, helping to sort out her garden. I still don’t really like gardening very much, but nevertheless it was fun! One day down, one more to go this weekend. Tomorrow, I will be mostly washing my hakama and learning to sew. Should be another busy day!

    After the last time, comments about me becoming a housewife are now officially banned from this thread =p

    Seven days to go.

  • The Previous Post

    I apologise for the previous post. Leaving me with nothing to do at the moment is a bad idea, I seem to be getting depressed when I’m bored… Sorry!

    Eight days to go.

  • Grey Skies of Forever

    The wind blows coldly from grey horizon to grey horizon, and the neverending threat of rain looms over the sky. The kind of weather, the kind of day that saps the spirits and clenches its tight and dreary grasp around our hearts. Summer is over, autumn has come with its windswept brown leaves and long dark nights. It feels as if all the hope has been washed out of the world, as if the only hope left is in those fragile hearts and minds that even now the season intensifies its grip on.

    It feels like I’m slowly losing my perception of time, too. Days seem long and forbidding until they’re over and it strikes me how fleeting they really are. There are still eight of them left before I can leave this town, this job, and be in the place I want to be and with the people I want to be with more than anything else in the world. Eight days, and it feels like forever.

    But, forever… What does that mean, now? I once dared hope that summer would last forever. I once dared believe that school might last forever. They didn’t, of course, they couldn’t. But to this day there is still the relic of hope in my heart, the hope that something might. University, maybe? Friendship? Life itself? I guess nothing in this world lasts forever, the most I can hope for is that they might last just long enough.

    Nine months of life in Southampton await me, but that’s not forever. No more so than the next eight days will be. There’s a difference, though: I wish it was.

    Life there is so full of everything - thoughts, emotions, things filling my heart and mind to the brim and overflowing. Here, though, there’s nothing like that. It’s dull, and mundane, and nothing feels worth doing. After I leave university, I might have to return to this way of life. But I don’t know how I’d cope with a forever like this, when just eight days is painful enough…

  • Laughing in Public is Good for You

    Two moments of public lollage today, much to my embarassment.

    The first, at the train station…

    Rammstein (in headphones): “Let me see you stripped…”

    guy next to me starts taking off his jacket

    And secondly, on the billboard advertising today’s Echo headlines…

    “Accident shears off bus roof!

    414 jobs inside.”

    With hindsight, I’m not sure why I found either of them that funny, but still. Ah well, have a meme.

    Nine days to go.

  • Products of a Wasted Day

    Programs written: 2

    Programs that work: 1

    Computers fixed: 0

    Short stories written: 1.

    My latest effort is some kind of back-story for Knife. Here goes: Initiation. Enjoy!

  • Whoops

    I just uttered the words “you know, this would be a lot easier in C.” I feel dirty now.

    hiding in the corner from Adam’s inevitable riposte ^_^

  • The Waiting is the Most Painful Bit

    Another week of work done, and only two more to go. Still, two weeks is long enough. There’s really nothing I want more in the world than to be back in Southampton soon…

    This weekend was a party for Ant’s birthday and his last weekend before he heads off to London. There were only three of us (him, Elise and I), but we had great fun chatting, eating pizza and cake, drinking, playing Taboo for… several hours (^^;) and watching Knightmare (<3 Challenge TV). Ant and I meant to go home not too late that evening, but by the time we were getting tired it was 5.30am so we decided to crash there for the night. ^^

    A super fun party, but a party that marked the last Uni student of my friends leaving home for the new term. Except me. Two weeks left, and counting every day…

    DARPG players: Game rules page v2 out tomorrow.

    Racheet: Will get some Uresia characters done tomorrow too. I haven’t forgotten!

  • pg brain > /dev/intarweb

    More DARPG stuff dumped from my brain onto paper - and thus also on the web.

    Dreaming Awake Tabletop Game Rules

    Looking for feedback on these, by the way, from any roleplayers out there with a few minutes of spare time. What have I missed? What’s explained well, and what’s confusing? Does it sound like a game system you’d want to use, or one to avoid on principle? Any comments appreciated!

  • I Did Something Useful Today

    I did something useful today. Not work, you realise, because there’s precious little of that to do. Instead, in readiness for the Dreaming Awake game this year, I present: Part One of the rules!

    Today: Character Creation. Tomorrow: Playing the Game!

    For players who haven’t read it already: Dreaming Awake Tabletop Intro Paragraph

    Today’s output, for players and anyone else who wants to pick holes in it: Dreaming Awake Tabletop Character Creation