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  • Shiny, Shiny, Angsty

    First up today: even though the prospective Slimelight trip has ben cancelled, I still went shopping for cool things. I now have a full-length coat with very shiny clips and buckles and things on it! ^_^ (Much thanks to everyone for telling me what actually looks good on me and what doesn’t, since I’m so hopeless…)

    Second: Serenity is awesome. Really, really good. I fear, though, that it has negated the need for Star Wars Episode 3. IMHO the only good things about SWE3,

  • Requiem for a Bunfight

    That’s it then. In such a short amount of time, it was over. The hyped-up state of caffeine and alcohol and sugar and stress and adrenaline has faded, and it dawns on me that I will never again help to organise a bunfight. Still, it was a success. So much of a success. Page after page of new members signing up, flier after flier in their hundreds disappearing into freshers’ hands… (To quote a character from Comic Party Revolution and presumably by extension 2chan, “member get”.)

    Today has been… Truly shiny.

  • Fumiu~! Hyper Panic!

    Preparations for the Bunfight ticked along today, getting some things out of the way and giving us confidence. But in seven hours’ time, the real preparation will start. Two hours of setting up followed by six hours of event and an hour of cleaning up… Six hours in which there will be up to a thousand students in the hall at any one time. Nine hours in which we can’t sit down and, through caffeine or alcohol or sugar or hitting each other with LARP weapons or any combination of the four, we have to be happy and enthusiastic and well-coordinated and in control.

    It’s scary, but we’ll do fine. We have a stall to run, a bunfight to take part in, and it’ll be the best one yet, and nothing will hold us back!

    But for now… precious sleep.

    Goodnight, everyone… Until tomorrow.

  • Too Much Money

    Today, I spent too much money. However, I now have four new mangas, a Suikoden 4 toy, a belly full of Pizza Hut, and a mind full of really, really silly things. Life here is officially beyond fantastic.



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  • Worrying

    I just stumbled upon the phrase “Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn.”

    On the front page of Slashdot.

    The world went insane overnight, I think.

  • Tonight...

    Tonight, I will be mostly eating… Instant ramen. </jesse> I put this down to, uh, post-modernist irony? Something like that, anyway…

    Still, sometime in the next week or so I plan to cook some kind of uber roast dinner, so that should get the gods of culinary good taste back on my side. Also tonight: chocolate, alcohol, strange arabic nut-based sweets, takeaway pizza, and anime. Should be fun! ^_^

  • A Wish

    I’m here. I’m back. I’m home. So much to do, so much to say…

    If there is only one thing I do this year; only one thing I achieve, it will be this - I will indelibly etch every thought, every feeling, and every emotion that we experience together so strongly and so brightly in our minds that nothing, not even time itself, will dare to take them away from us.

  • Gravity

    Already I’m feeling the irresistable pull… Tomorrow, I’m going home. I’m going to see friends again, and life will be full again after too many empty nine-‘til-fives, Mondays-to-Fridays. Each IM conversation, each ‘phone call, each text message, they all bring me closer.

    In only twelve hours, I’ll be up and getting ready to go. And yet it’s still too long. I’m looking forward to this, I think, more than I’ve ever looked forward to anything before.

  • As Above, So Below

    The skies overhead are steel-grey and uniform, an almost perfect mirror to their concrete and tarmac cousins on the ground. Even the wind, blowing around me and through me and filling my lungs like ice, feels sleeting and grey. Car headlights, always on in the evenings now, reflect from puddles on the road and complete the symmetry.

    Today, though, I welcome the cold wind and the rain. After a hectic day between stuffy offices and humid labs, barely having chance to sit down, to be outside and be able to breath real air deeply into my lungs is a wonderful feeling. Only one more full day of this, now, then a half-hearted half-day, and then… For a given value of freedom, I’ll be free. And I’ll be going… home.

    Three days to go.

  • On the Genealogy of Videogames

    Yet another day of high-velocity panic. Unit 01 is falling to pieces more and more rapidly, and it’s supposed to be delivered on Thursday… (People making Evangelion references will be shot. And posthumously applauded.)

    P.S. Someone needs to buy me this. And a new house to put it in. Cray on eBay

    P.P.S. Well, they named it. Damn Nietzsche whores, the lot of ‘em. Xenosaga Ep.III - Also Sprach Zarathustra.

    My current bets:

    Episode 4: Tricky… “Zur Genealogie der Moral”?

    Episode 5: “Xenogears” =p

    Episode 6: “Götzen-Dämmerung”?

    P.P.P.S. 250 pageviews on my DevArt account today! Quarter of the way there to a total worth mentioning! ^_^;

    Four days to go.