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This is part of my blog, which I have long since stopped maintaining. The page has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. Please go back to the homepage to see the current contents of this site.

  • Just a Few Things

    Yesterday, (while everyone was being IIDX-obsessed) I think I pretty much decided that I will, after all, cosplay as Shem at Minamicon. It’ll feel odd, cosplaying as someone who looks extremely evil ^_^;

    Today, the weather here’s awesome so I spent some time sunbathing. I’m at Uni working all this afternoon, firstly to get some work done and secondly to avoid the attentions of Flat 9, who are intent on getting me to go to Jesters tonight, which I have no intention of doing. Also, due to meteorological awesomeness, we might be playing Exalted outside tonight! \o/

  • Awesome Dream

    “Can you tell me why, can you tell me how?
    Can you tell me why aren’t you happy now?
    Whatever it is, it’s really over now
    Can you tell me why, can you tell me how?
    We took them by surprise
    By leaving this place
    Some thoughts we left behind
    Some good and some sad
    You should know
    I hold you in my arms…
    You should know
    That I hold you in my arms…“

    ~ Apoptygma Berzerk - Love Never Dies, Part 3

    The memory of it is fading so fast, even as I type this… Now I can only remember the fact that (predictably, I’m afraid) it involved savintg the world from… er… something. But what I felt when the dream was over… possibly one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. Absolutely sublime, and wonderful and peaceful…

    In other news (and to stop me carrying on spouting rubbish about dreams), the practical bit. My alarm was on loud this morning, and I stil managed to sleep through it… for four hours.

  • Eeek.

    Four hours later than planned, I’m finally going to bed. What’s been keeping me up for so long, though, is Richard telling me about the story he’s writing… which, from the sounds of it, its going to be absolutely awesome… It’s all planned out really well - shame Dreaming Awake isn’t like that ^_^;

  • Not much to report.

    It’s been a really quiet day. Downloaded some anime (Fullmetal Alchemist, Onegai Twins) this afternoon, spent this evening playing UT2k4 and watching more anime (Tales of Eternia).

    Also, I’m a lazy bastard. I woke up at 2, and was really hungry. Instead of getting lunch, I sat and stuffed my face with chocolate until 10pm, when I finally realised it would be a good idea to get some proper food. But guess what, I couldn’t be bothered ^_^; So I got a sandwich. That’s the most substantial food I’ve had for about 30 hours now.

  • Bleh.

    So, I got coaxed into going out for a drink tonight. All’s well and good until about half an hour after we get to the pub, when my flatmates decide they’re going to go and catch a bus hlafway across town to go to the Cube (the Union nightclub). That’s not in itself a problem, except for the fact they didn’t even ask if I was coming or not, and they didn’t bother to wait to let me finish my drink…

  • Hurrah!

    Shockingly, I’ve got some work done today, and my bathroom’ll probably be clean for the room inspection tomorrow!

  • Catching up again...

    Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while. Okay, at the moment:

    I’m not feeling too well. No idea why, I was fine when I woke up this morning. I was feeling light-headed all through my tutorial, so I decided that food and coffee would be good. But eating made me feel worse… It’s kinda’ dawned on me that the fact that I haven’t eaten anything except cheese sandwiches, chocolate and sweets since Monday evening may be a bad thing.

    I now haven’t seen or heard from anyone in Flat 9 for four days, and one of their posters has disappeared from the window. Seems like a good thing, although for some reason I feel a little bad about it…

    Unreal Tournament 2004 is awesome, and has been the number one cause of me getting no work done this week. Online play works from computers on the halls network here, so there’s much fun to be had. Also, the new Computer Games society here want to organise UT2k4 matches over the LAN, which is a good thing. They’re also holding what looks like being a Soul Calibur 2 tournament next Thursday, which I shall attend and hope to own people at. I hope it’s the Gamecube version ^_^

    Ninja Scroll is shite (IMHO). I just about prefer it to Fist of the North Star, so it’s not my least favourite anime ever, but it’s close.

    Andrew bought me an inflatable rubber hammer for my birthday! It’s already been used many times, mostly on him… I also probably got some odd looks using it in the Union bar yesterday after Animesoc.

    My room inspection is tomorrow, which is quite scary. My room currently reeks of bleach, since I’ve got my shower curtain soaking in it. Although to be fair, it still smells better than my Asda Smartprice spray freshener thing.

    And finally, the doom. I have so much work to do by tomorrow. Thankfully though, it doesn’t seem to be all that hard… if only I could get over feeling ill, I might get a fair bit of work done today.

  • Basic Food Hygeine

    Basic Food Hygeine for Flat 4, Gateley Hall

    1. Raw chicken is a bad thing. When you have stuff that’s been in contact with raw chicken, washing it up would be a good thing. Leaving it lying around clean stuff on the draining board is not good!
    2. When milk smells vile and letteuce has gone brown, and both had Use By dates weeks ago, it might be a good idea to throw them out. Keeping them in the fridge for some unexplained reason is a bad idea.
    3. When a tea-towel gets dropped on the floor, it is dirty. Keeping it around and drying stuff with it is no longer a good idea. Tea-towels should also be washed occasionally, yes?
    4. When the floor sticks to your feet, something is wrong. Everyone else must realise what a mop is for, how come I’m pretty much the only one to ever use it?

    Rant over. Sorry ^_^

  • Becoming More Like Kotarou

    So, my first day back in Southampton after the weekend.

    I don’t feel great, I’m owrrying if the air in this room is at all healthy, or maybe something to do with sleeping with the computer on is bad for me…

    Also, I got a letter this morning telling me I’d failed my room inspection - apparently my bathroom floor and shower curtain are at fault. Okay, what exactly is wrong with the shower curtain? Nothing I can see. And the floor is a fair cop - but for that I blame the fact that my shower leaks every time it’s used, and the appearance of a bloke from an electric company the other day who seemed to do nothing actually useful except shower every horizontal surface in my bathroom with grey plaster. And now I have to fix all of this by Friday, else they charge me.

    Today I finally got my exam timetables. That’s a relief I suppose - but the exams are looming horribly close now… it also doesn’t help that one of them is held in Stoneham dining hall, which I don’t even know where it is (apart from, presumably, that it’s in or near Stoneham).

    And… for the same strange and completely incomprehensible reason as always,Flat 9’s presence irritates me… I have absolutely no idea why…

    To round everything off, I have a lot of work to do this week, and I’ve already (deliberately) slept through today’s lecture.

    Bleh… what is wrong with me…?

  • Shinies and Stalkers

    Okay, so… weekend. I went back to bournemouth to see my parents, since I coudn’t see them actually on my birthday. I have much shiny stuff! I have a USB keyring flash disk, which is quite awesome, and also a new optical mouse which should stop me breaking normal mice. I have a shock legitimate copy of UT2k4, and a huge stack of CDRs that’ll let me reclaim some hard disk space from the hordes of anime. Also two new books (one of which I’m 3/4 of the way though already ^_^;) and some clothes. And money too!

    We went out for a Chinese on Saturday, and went sailing on Sunday, so the weekend was really good and I didn’t really get bored.

    Tonight, about half an hour after arriving back in Southampton, I went off to the Hobbit for the evening, which was pretty fun although we didn’t get to spend very long there.

    Also, Flat 9 are beginning to worry me more and more ;;_;; I can’t leave or enter the building anymore without them shouting out my name and me going over to talk to them, it seems. I don’t know why it worries and kinda’ scares me - really, I don’t think it should do. I guess… because they’re unfamiliar people, and talking to all of them together is kinda’ intense…