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This is part of my blog, which I have long since stopped maintaining. The page has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. Please go back to the homepage to see the current contents of this site.

  • Okay, I Hate Computers Now

    Apologies for being temporarily or mostly offline during the last few days. For what must now be approaching the tenth time, I’ve decided to give Linux a go. Since I wasn’t in a game-playing mood at all, I decided it might be good to switch for a while. Getting my MP3s playing is still a challenge, and I’m still running in 1024x768 because the relevant people haven’t released the drivers yet. They said it’d be yesterday, but guess what - it wasn’t.

    Ho hum… anyway, I guess I like a challenge occasionally ^^ Anyway, in other news, I finally got around to making that cake yesterday, which is good. I’m going to LAC tomorrow - good fun but not good for bank balance, since I’m already over £500 under. And today I’ve really gotta go shopping since I put it off for too long, and guess what…? It’s raining ^^;

  • Radical Dreaming

    So, super fun dreams last night… I think I managed to have two pretty-much-complete dreams last ngiht.

    The first seemed to be some kind of comedy sketch show, which ended up with a scene in which the Prime Minister was giving some speech about a new bill to do with children, in a school assembly…

    Then the other dream… it’s fading from my mind now, but I definitely remember it as a vaguely epic-fantasy style thing… I seem to want to compare it to Nausicaa, probably because it involved a lot of flying, on something that might have been vaguely like Mehve… It also involved stone circles prominently (possibly brought about by having read The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett recently. The dream ended with me having to get something (some small package, I don’t know what it was) to some point above a stone circle, in order for… something to happen. I don’t know what, because that was when I woke up…

    Anyway, today’s fun! In a minute I’ll get dressed and have lunch, and finally get around to baking that cake! Hopefully it’ll go well, since I’ve got no weighing scales and no whisk… Also, hopefully I won’t be asked to go out tonight… I know I’m supposed to celebrate the end of my exams and that, but… I guess I just… don’t enjoy going out all that much… I don’t know why staying in, surfing the ‘net and using IRC is more fun… Actually, yeah, maybe I do. IRC involves interacting with people. Sitting on my own in a club, unable to hear anyone talk and having nothing to say to anyone, doesn’t.

  • Snowsnowsnowsnowsnowsnowsnowsnowsnow...


    Yaaay~su! It’s finally snowing here!! And hailing, for a while, and a couple of lightning strikes too… But yeah~~! I’m glad it finally did!

  • Most Bizarre Night

    Well, last night was the first time I’ve actually danced with someone in a club… O_O Not that it’s much like dancing, more like just… moving slightly while rubbing against someone… ;;;; Well, I lernt two things there… one, apparently I’m “not assertive enough” - yeah, I could’a told you that… and second, I guess I’m not much of a physical person… I found it kinda embarassing to touch someone like that… ^^;;

    Okay, enough with the embarassing stuff… also last night, someone came up to me on the dancefloor, asked my name, shook my hand, and danced off again… Dunno why, just… random oddness ^_^;;

    Also, it failed to snow last night. Gah! Ah well, they’re still predicting the chance of snow tonight…

  • PapapapaYeah~~!

    Woohaha, I’ve finished my exams! Today’s Forces and Fields exam didn’t go so bad… I guess it was a pretty good idea to do that practice paper at the weekend… It caused a bit of trouble, but I finished well before time. And the Electronics exam yesterday, I pwned! =p I’m seriously hoping for 100% for the exam there.

    Well, I’m off out in a minute to celebrate! ^_^ My flatmates are dragging me out to Academy tonight.

    In other news, MMWP 9thStyle went live yesterday, so I’m doing a lot of work trying to sort stuff out there… I’m gonna bake a cake tomorrow, a kinda’ lemon-flavoured sponge cake I think. Also, I’ll be doing a stepfile for Rinbu Revolution, the opening to Utena, when I have time - now that I’ve finished We Will Always Be!

    I’m glad Dom seems to be okay today… yesterday was kinda scary… O_;;

  • Just an Excuse for a Quiz, Really

    Going into Uni in a minute for dinner, and this afternoon’s Electronics exam. I still haven’t revised yet, and really I don’t think there’s any point in me actually doing so… I’m trying for 100% here anyway, although I doubt I’ll make it at University level… worth a shot though!

  • Boring Weekend...

    Well, I went back to my parents’ place to get some peace and quiet for revision this weekend… and yeah, it was really quiet ^^;; I did plenty of revision for the Forces & Fields exam on Tuesday, which I’m happy about… and I got lectured at twice by my parents, which I’m not. Just because they asked me to do the washing up rather than me doing it on my own, and because I didn’t mind what train I took back to Southampton, doesn’t mean I “don’t show initiative” 0;;

    Blah… anyways, Electronics exam tomorrow afternoon, should be an interesting waste of two hours… I haven’t really revised, but I can’t imagine it’ll be particularly taxing…

    Also this weekend, I read “The Wee Free Men” by Terry Pratchett. So much for it supposedly being a children’s book, I think it’s one of the best stories he’s written… I guess I’m just a sucker for that kinda’ story, and of course stories that are all about the difference between dreams and reality… It’s certainly got a lot in common with Dreaming Awake, but within that there’s a fundamental difference. Whereas The Wee Free Men emphasises the difference between dreams and reality even when they’re all mixed up, Dreaming Awake tends towards the opposite, blurring the boundaries further and challenging the perception that one reality is more real than another…

  • Anxiety, Indecision, Photoshop and the Need for Milk

    Anxiety: First off, I’ve got a viva / viver / however you spell it for Electronics tomorrow afternoon, which’ll probably be okay, but first I’ve got to catch up with my notes from lab sessions and the project. Because I didn’t really write anything much in my lab book as we were going along… so I’ve gotta catch up now before my lecturer asks to see it tomorrow. Eeek! But anyway, I’ve got the project circuit diagram printed off, so now all I have to do is write up some notes for the project and for two weeks of labs, pretending that I’m writing them at the time I was actually doing them… ^_^;; I’ll maybe write some stuff about the project tonight, then do the lab stuff tomorrow when I meet up with james before the viva / viver / haddock.

    Indecision: I’ve just done another quiz, and one question I was really stuck on how I should answer. So I tried both, and it pretty accurately picks out the two sides of my personality…

    Photoshop: Well, after the express Photoshopping a few days ago so that Adam could get a stepfile finished in time for the SM machine, I’ve done three banner and background ‘shops tonight for Ant… it’s good fun, and I’m finally getting to realise fome of the power that Photoshop CS has - some of the stuff it can do that I never realised is quite frankly awesome.

    The Need for Milk: Um… I haven’t got any, and I can’t be bothered to go down to the Co-op and get some… ^_^;; bleh, I suppose I’d better do really, no coffee or cereal for me otherwise…

  • Honorary Chemist!

    Well, today was a really rather cool day! I had my maths exam this morning… it was sorta’ annoying that I didn’t have time to finish all the questions that I could have done, but I think I did pretty well on the stuff that I did get to answer… And, yeah. I spent the afternoon playing Soul Calibur 2 at John’s flat, which was pretty awesome, then I became an honorary Chemist for the evening and joined the Chemistry guys in Wetherspoons… and then we went on to Flares.

    Flares… <3… It’s crowded and pretty expensive, but the atmosphere and the music are just great… late 60s, 70s and 80s dance tunes that I know the words to \o/ Scarily expensive though, my bottle of Miller cost £2.90… Ouch. Anyways, as you can probably tell from the time of this post, I left early… I was really tired, having woken up at 7.30 this morning… It was hard to leave that place though ^_^

    For some reason, the whole Dom drinking thing’s got me kinda’ emotional about the nature of happiness and that kinda’ thing generally… I guess having read a relevant section in The Matrix and Philosophy recently hasn’t helped there… Anyway, my comment on his blog says everything I wanted to say, although I’m worried I sounded too much like I was trying to tell him off or something… 0_0 Anyway, it’s nothing like that at all.

    Anyways, off for sleep-fun now… I’ve got a circuit diagram and lab book to write up for Electronics tomorrow or Friday morning, and the Electronics viver on Friday at 3pm, which means I won’t be able to go home for tomorrow or Friday, but I’ll try to make it home for the weekend…

  • Chores day three: Moderate Success!

    (Insert Big Brother voice-over) It’s day three in the Hinata Inn, aka Flat Four, and that lazy bastard Ian has got off his arse and done something!

    Yep, today… shock I… did my laundry. I attempted some revision, but I feel as if I know most of it already, to be honest… Then again, I think I’ve more-or-less always felt like that before exams…

    Tomorrow, I’m gonna wake up early, do revision, and then bake a cake when I get fed up… That’s the plan, anyways. But for now, I’ll celebrate my last hour online tonight with a pint of Stella and a 200g block of chocolate. /me prods his waistline, hoping it will obey his will and not expand…

    Also, while I was waiting for my laundry I read some more of “The Matrix and Philosophy”. I swear every time I read books like that, I feel more and more that I’d like to be a Zen Buddhist… (He says while drinking alcohol - oh well…)