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This is part of my blog, which I have long since stopped maintaining. The page has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. Please go back to the homepage to see the current contents of this site.

  • Star Waltz

    It’s… so cold out here… Alone, dreaming, under the stars…

    Still… there’s only one week left… before the holidays… but then, nearly everyone’s working except me, so… what will I do with my time…? Surely not revise?! 0_0 Ah well, it’s really kinda’ insignificant I guess.

    Aaaaaaand now for something completely different. Today I probably spent waaaay too much money on going to London, buying manga and having a good time, but it was great fun. The whole Bournemouth crew showed up, and Ant and a friend of his from Uni joined us in London. Even though there were loads of Anime-England people at LAC, I failed to recognise any of them, apart from Snap, when we met him and Neo in Namco Station in the evening. I’m really glad I did go, I wouldn’t have wanted to spend yet another day here at home, doing nothing… But annoyingly, we got home really late due to those blasted trains, and I’ve gotta wake up early tomorrow morning to do some Electronics, so I can justify how I’ve spent last Friday’s lab time that I took off. Well, there wasn’t really much I could do in the lab session anyway, so I thought it’d be a better use of my time to go home and write up all the stuff we need to do in preparation for the project. But then… I…. kinda’ forgot…^_^;;;

  • Completion

    Whoa, now that feels good. Finally, it’s the weekend, I can sleep, and have fun, and go to LAC on Sunday, and do some stuff for the Dreaming Awake website and all sorts of stuff… and I don’t have to worry about work for another few days!

    And then, only one more week until the Christmas holidays…!

  • Life, and Work.... or are they the same thing?

    Why is it, that my life seems to revolve around work more and more… It seems like every evening, I work until gone midnight… I’ve done all I think I can do of my maths coursework - I can’t really do the last question, it would take a lot of thinking about, and my brain’s just not up to it any more. Maybe I can scrape finishing it off in the lecture tomorrow, if I sit near the back ^_^

    But now, I guess I should relax for a while… There’s lots of t-shirt ideas for the DDRUK Xmas meet that came up on IRC tonight, I’m gonna trawl that and come up with the designs at the weekend. As well as going shopping, and going to LAC… eek…

  • Work Overload

    So much work… and I’m just writing in my blog while my books are open on my lap, just finding something to pass my time rather than work… I know that’s bad, but.. my mind wanders like nothing else… I’ve got tonight and tomorrow night to finish this lot, and I will manage it, even if I have to chain myself to the problem paper…


  • Internet vs. Maths - we have a winner!

    Bleh, it’s getting annoying now… I’ve been trying to get down to doing my maths coursework for three days now, and still haven’t done any… There’s always so much other stuff I end up being distracted by… So, I’m really gonna have to do a lot of work over the next three days…

    On the plus side, the Dragon’s Claw (dunno how long it’ll stay called that, but never mind) website has been PHPNuked. I’m hacking around with it a bit, to see if I can get PHPNuke to do what I want it to do. You can take a look at the current progress at

  • Inverse Dream-Tripping ~ Is This What a Nightmare Is?

    The last two nights, I’ve had dreams… dreams that seemed very real indeed. The night before last, some kind of festival which for some reason I had to escape from, but the buildings I was in were a maze that I couldn’t find my way out of, no matter how much I ran… But yet still, for some reason, the layout was somehow… familiar. And then last night, I dreamt that I was at a school where bullying and voilence dominated everyone’s lives there, and that I was weak and could do nothing to stop getting beaten up…

    Why? Why wouldn’t my dreams gravitate to the swords and magic that would solve the problems, as dreams like these so often used to in the past?

    And how… how… at certain points in the dreams, I felt my real self telling me I was dreaming, that it didn’t matter. But how is that possible, without waking up? Are outer-self thoughts beginning to impose on inner-self dreams, just as the inverse already happens…? Are dreams and reality becoming even less separate than they used to be?

    Perhaps… perhaps, it’s all written into our story. A story that requires an ending…

  • Eat, drink be merry, and have some more driiiinnk! ^_^


    Yet another day of nothingness. Woke up at 2, had breakfast, used IRC. Had dinner at 6, stayed in the kitchen, got drunk, came back to my room at 1, used IRC. Updated blog, will go to bed in a few hours. Gotta love weekends ^_^

  • Fish and Chips and Paracetamol

    For some reason, I’ve got a really bad headache… Nothing seems to be going right for me at the moment. I can’t concentrate, I couldn’t be bothered to cook tonight, I’ve wasted at least 10 CDRs on various flavours of Linux, none of which I particularly like, and ‘cos of this bastard headache I can’t even go out tonight… I just hope IRC can satisfy my desire for sentient company, since everyone else is buggering off to the cinema or pub…

  • All Mathed Out

    That… was one awfully long work session. My IRC addiction’s becoming more obvious now, with me watching the screen more than the paper I’m writing on… and now, my mind feels like death itself. Chocolate is required, I think! ^_^

  • Let the Blogging Begin!!

    At long last… I have a LiveJournal thing! Apologies if it gets taken up with pointless musings or pseudo-poetry… I’ll try my best to do something useful though.

    Not forgetting, thanks to Sasahara of Anime-England for the code!