This page lists some of the important political events during the past of Forgotten Children, showing how their society came about as the result of a chain of events beginning with Earth as it is today.

Due to skilful political manipulation, the UN completes its century-long rise to power by removing individual nations' rights to declare their own laws or maintain a standing armed force.

The UN launches an initiative to vastly improve the Mars colonies. It is suspected that the population of Mars will reach a billion by 2400.

Disgruntled with the UN's liberalism and anti-business opinions, many of the solar system's top 50 companies join together to found the United Corporate Initiative.

Lacking the unopposed political and economic power it had enjoyed for half a century, the UN is forced to enter talks with the UCI.

With colonial opinions slowly turning against Earth due to the UN's policies, the UCI begins construction of a giant space station at Lagrange point L4.

As the new century dawns, the Free City is unveiled to the Solar System. Over the next twenty years, almost all of the UCI's member companies relocate to Free City.

After over a hundred years of mounting economic pressure, the UN becomes the last power to abandon its own financial system in favour of the Free City credit system.

Political tensions between the Martian Republic and the UN come to a head, and war is declared. With the bias- and conscience-free UCI selling arms and information to both sides, the war is to last nearly a decade.

Emerging the victors, the Martians set about rebuilding their damaged economy with generous help from the UCI. Faced with a ravaged planet and a failing ecosystem, the remnants of the UN take out a huge loan from the UCI to enable the majority of Earth's population to evacuate and begin new lives on the Lunar colonies. Crippled by debt and the moon's lack of resources, they never truly recover.

The Europa colony disappears, along with Europa itself, in a mysterious accident.

High on the wealth of the Solar System, the UCI establishes the Explorer Federation, an initiative to depart the Solar System in search of new pastures to colonise and exploit.

The Celestial Fleet, EFS Sun Dancer, Star Valkyrie and Moon Seraph, leave Free City, their inhabitants becoming the first extrasolar travelers.