Intro Paragraph for Arcadia Village

From the top of this hill, it feels like you can see forever as your eyes cast their gaze against the green woods and golden fields, all the way to the horizon and the sky of deepest blue. The sun beats down strongly, characteristic of this region which they call the Sunshine Plains in the local language, and glitters playfully from the rippling river that flows from where you stand and threads its way through a multitude of villages.

The nearest of these is a place they call Arcadia. By local standards it's a big place, for it supports nearly thirty citizens and even boasts its own weekly market. Which, it seems, would explain today's colourful flags and pennants that decorated the village. People from all around the countryside are already flocking to the village, and in the distance the first of the merchants' wagons are making their way to Arcadia too.

From the youngest to the eldest, villager and foreigner, everyone is in especially high spirits today. Today is no ordinary market day - it's the day everyone's looked forward to for a year. A day when everyone is happy and rejoicing, a day when everyone feels blessed to be alive. Today is the Festival of the Sun, the beginning of Summer. Down in the village, the preparations are just getting started. It'll be a day to remember, for sure!

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