RICKY GERVAIS dies, and annoyingly doesn’t remain dead. Then he sees lots of GHOSTS, one of whom tries to set him up with his WIDOW to stop her marrying her FIANCÉ. FIANCÉ is set up to be an ASSHOLE, actually isn’t. Main GHOST is set up to be NOT AN ASSHOLE, actually is. GERVAIS is set up to be an ASSHOLE, but becomes NOT AN ASSHOLE by the power of LUUUURVE.

By the Numbers

  • Awkward moments caused by ghosts: 67
  • Awkward moments caused by Ricky Gervais’ character just being himself: 68
  • Jokes: 4
  • Wangs: 1,000,000
  • Number of times Eric reminded me that Gervais looks like an old lesbian: 4
  • Characters more annoying than Ricky Gervais: Surprisingly, 1
  • Minutes female lead spends in Gervais’s company for no explicable reason: 80
  • Minutes spent playing Angry Birds while this film was on: 90

Overall: 1 / 5