DOCTOR PARNASSUS runs a TRAVELLING MAGIC SHOW with his daughter, a CUTE REDHEAD, a NOT-A-MIDGET and an OVERUSER OF THE WORD ‘MATE’. DOCTOR PARNASSUS uses his SUPER PSYCHIC POWERS to suck people through a mirror and into a strange WORLD INSIDE THEIR HEAD where they have to make a choice between their SOUL going to him or to THE DEVIL. Or something. Either way, TERRY GILLIAM rapes your BRAIN.

By the Numbers

  • Camp Mercuries: 1
  • Low Earth Orbit Jellyfish: 17
  • Ways to Transform a Room: 473
  • Gramaphone Bazookas: 1
  • Waltzes in Ponds of Shoes: 1
  • Policemen Showing their Knickers: 8
  • Deals with the Devil: 3
  • Dances with the Devil: 1
  • Blog Post Titles Too Long to Fit on One Line: 1
  • Terry Gilliam: over 9000

Overall: 4 / 5