NICHOLAS CAGE has 2 dots in the TIME sphere, 2 dots in the CORRESPONDENCE sphere, and a 4-dot RECEDING HAIRLINE. He spends most of the movie using his FUTURE-SIGHT SUPERPOWER to creep out then have sex with WOMEN rather than saving LOS ANGELES from a NUKE.

It becomes apparent that JACK BAUER would have been a far better choice than NICHOLAS CAGE in this situation.

By the Numbers

  • Shameless Nicholas Cage Vehicles: 1
  • Bear Suits: 0
  • Schoolgirls Punched: 0
  • Effort Nicholas Cage is putting into his characters these days: 0
  • Stereotyped FBI agents: 5
  • Stereotypical bad guys: 3
  • Times powers abused for selfish ends: 12
  • Times powers abused for downright creepy ends: 3
  • Flashbacks: 5
  • Flashforwards: At a guess… over 9000?
  • Cunning Plot Twists, as always: 0
  • In fact, Endings: 0

Overall: 2 / 5