Young HP LOVECRAFT visits HIS FATHER in a MENTAL ASYLUM, where the FATHER largely rants about a MAD ARAB and a BOOK that must be destroyed. HOWARD, traumatised by the experience, is wisely given his father’s MAGIC SPELLBOOK which teleports him to the “Frozen Kingdom” of R’YLEH.

O R'yleh

By the Numbers

  • Old Ones renamed “Spot”: 1
  • Adorable pet Cthulhu mounts: 1
  • ‎Deep One Ice Climbers: 2
  • ‎Squishy fish for dinner: 70
  • ‎Snowthulhus built: 1
  • ‎Wild West snowball showdowns with evil gods: 1
  • ‎Seconds of needless animation-budget-saving build up to Wild West showdown: 206
  • ‎Bullet time: what
  • ‎”Dodge this!”: Yep
  • Minutes of random cartoon flashback (when they really ran out of animation budget): 5
  • Mountains of Madness: 3
  • Super Fun Happy Slides of Madness: 1
  • Shoggoths voiced by Ron Perlman: Present
  • Time taken between noticing the Elder Sign and going splat, seconds: 0.4
  • Girls called Abdul: 1
  • Nyarlathoteps just casually chilling in the background: 1
  • Goblins slapped to death by tiny Deep Ones: Yeah, that happened
  • This isn't even my final form!: That too

Overall: Elder Sign / 5

“Did you know a shoggoth can squish a penguin?!”