Another quality FRbtN from the pen of Danfox Davies!


NEW YOIK. You may remember this view of it from such films as HOME ALONE, including some of the cast. This time, however, we have no CULKIN, fewer MISCHIEVOUS HIJINKS and some mild romantic comedy SHENANIGANS.

By the Numbers

  • Slow court cases: 1
  • TV channel number of choice: 6
  • Clumsy moments: over 9000
  • University burnouts: 1
  • Seminars: 1
  • Wrong things to spark off a relationship: all of them
  • Laws: 3
  • Of which are broken: 1
  • Gossip: topped up every 2 minutes at most
  • Minutes until I could see exactly which way this film was going: 8
  • Huevos des chivos: 17
  • Likelihood of the circumstances of the story actually happening: <0.009
  • Actual decent people with any credible morals: 0
  • Castles: 1
  • Irish stuff: yes
  • Inescapable divorce lawyers: 1
  • Cheesy lost in the forest moments: too many considering this is neither HOODWINKED nor HARRY POTTER
  • People the Irish seem to agree with: somehow, more than 1
  • Irish stereotypes: 5
  • pH: 3
  • Montages: 2
  • Divorce lawyers divorcing from a marriage that didn’t actually happen: 2
  • Predictability: 90%

Overall: 2 / 5

At least it has a plot, but not much new ground to tread. The acidity levels of the dialogue are also too high. And things happened, then the film ended.