A Film Review by Devo


AAAH! After 65 million years, RITA is FREE! It’s time to CONQUER EARTH… with GOLD!

Enter 5 OVER-BEARING, ANGSTY HUMANS WITH NOTHING IN COMMON, to wear COLOURFUL SUITS and pilot GIANT MECHS. They have THE POWER! (It says so in the title.)

By the Numbers

  • Commonalities between the heroes: 2. (They’re human, and they’re assholes.)
  • Minutes of film dedicated to character development: A lot (is this really Power Rangers?)
  • Townsfolk murdered in acts of back-alley dentistry: 13
  • Black rangers: 2
  • Pointless cameos: 2
  • Gold eaten: Yes
  • Goldar (in carats): 24
  • Ridiculous combat backflips: 0
  • Hilariously delayed impact jumps: 0

Overall: 3 / 5