Film Reviews (by the Numbers)

Sex and the City


FOUR FORTY-SOMETHING WOMEN live in NEW YORK, blah blah blah MEN blah blah SHOES blah blah blah MARRIAGE blah blah blah DRAMA.

By the Numbers

  • Punchable characters: 27
  • Unpunchable characters: 2 (saved by being children)
  • Things humped by dogs: 5
  • Secure passwords used: 0
  • Engagement Shoes: 2
  • Incidences of “fashion”: over 9000
  • Incidences of “drama”: over 10000
  • Incidences of “tits”: 3
  • Incidences of “things not set on fire when they really needed to be set on fire: ALL THE THINGS
  • Time in the morning at which I, illogically, was still watching this: 00:45
  • Misleading almost-endings: 3 (one demi-_Pearl Harbour_)

Overall: < -9000 / 5

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