It’s the GRIM ALTERNATE STAR TREK FUTURE. A hundred years of 90S POP MUSIC and TEEN RELATIONSHIP DRAMA have driven the world into a BLEAK FASCIST STATE. Pretty much inevitable.

Then they all go off to FIGHT BUGS in SPACE and STUFF.

By the Numbers

  • Teenage Neil Patrick Harrises: 1
  • Alien autopsies: 7
  • Ferret Mind Melds: 1
  • Invaders called Zim: 1
  • Eviscerated Mormons: 18
  • Giggling schoolgirl launch sequences: 1
  • Wings deployed in space: 2
  • Tattoos of Death: 4
  • Glowstick blood plastic violin raves: somehow, 1
  • Grenades eaten: OM NOM NOM SPLUT
  • Explosions briskly outpaced: 1
  • Giant Space Assault Rifles operated perfectly fine with one shoulder missing: 1
  • Bugs killed: 10,192,788
  • Humans killed: 33,102,990
  • Ham-fistedness of satire: over 9000
  • Cheesiness: A fine roquefort with two Dairylea triangles stuck on the top like cat ears.
  • Would you like to know more?: No.

Overall: You know when you've been Tango'd / 5