The year is 1914. Fifteen years after the PLOT of some VAGUELY RELATED H.G. WELLS BOOK, the MARTIANS are back! This time, we fight them not with BACTERIA but with MISSILES and RADAR and HEAT RAY GUNS and ZEPPELINS and GIANT ROBOTS and ETHNIC DIVERSITY.

Surprise surprise, in true HOLLYWOOD ALIEN/DISASTER MOVIE STYLE, most of humanity is probably dead but hey, WE WON!

By the Numbers

  • Inevitable giant steampunk robots: over 9000
  • Autotune power: MAXIMUM
  • Pre-Atomic-Age nuclear silhouettes: 4
  • Shoop da Whoop: 8
  • Magnificent men in their Flying Machines: 1
  • Triplanes with afterburners (oh, steampunk): 1
  • Rolls on the Random NPC Nationality Table: 25
  • Presidentially-approved bar brawls: 1
  • Lunatic trigger-happy machinegun-toting Americans: somehow, only one
  • Bullets that affected tripods in any way: 0
  • Bullets fired at tripods by characters who knew they didn’t affect tripods in any way: 9170219
  • Machine gun users holding their gun by the muzzle: 50%
  • Machine gun users holding their gun one-handed: the other 50%
  • Suspiciously fading Statues of Liberty: 1
  • Multi-part bosses: 1
  • Toasted Martianmellows: 37
  • Incidences of airship Rule 34 (and not for the first time): 1

Overall: 4 / 5