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This is part of my blog, which I have long since stopped maintaining. The page has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. Please go back to the homepage to see the current contents of this site.

  • Humanity and Beauty

    I wonder, what it is that makes us human? Perhaps, it’s beauty. Not being beautiful, but perceiving beauty.

    When a cat sees a bird, it sees food. Fairly so, since cats eat birds - it is instinct for them to see birds as food. When a cat sees a flower - unless it sees it as a toy - it disregards it. There’s nothing instinctively useful to a cat in a flower.

    But when a human sees a flower, they can see it as beautiful. Fine, it has no instinctive use, but appeals to our senses. But when we see a bird, we can also percieve that as beautiful, even though our instinct should be telling us “birds are food”…

  • Earthbound Constellations

    City lights… Endlessly repeating their story, night after night, in tribute to our taming of the darkness. But the darkness can never be tamed, we have not the power to overcome the blackness of night. So, for now, the lights of the cities twinkle in the darkness, a mirror of the lights above. Earthbound constellations, longing to break their bindings and be one with their brothers, the stars…

  • Longing for Unreality

    The problem with Roleplaying is, life as Tsuki is more fun…

    I seem to fit well into playing as Tsuki in our Exalted game, even though the way I seem to be playing is quite unlike me… or is it? The more I think about it, the things I do in life seem to split into Ian-like things and Tsuki-like things… I’m a programmer, but I can skill manage to walk into closed doors… People think I’m reliable, but I still avoid serious things…

    But most of all, I keep on dreaming, the most important thing we have in common…

  • Leaving a World Behind

    Did I, after all, enjoy that…?

    The first two weeks of the course, boring, lots of work, no fun, barely even sunshine, bad food, and we all complained.

    And now at last, week three is over… laziness, sunshine, playing frisbee, drinking, and the masked ball… seeing friends but it seeming as if we’d never left Pershore between the weeks…

    But now we have. We’ve all left, and we’re not coming back any more. But is that really a good thing? I used to hate Pershore, but now… I’m not so sure…

  • Life's Rose Waltz

    Life… is a song. For different people, it has different melodies, different beats, a different feel. But it’s still a song. And there are those who dance to their song and flow with their life. There are those who stand uneasily on the dancefloor of life, clutching their pint of stubbornness and try to fight it. And there are those who sit on the edge, watching the dance of life spiral past them…

  • Status Report

    • Uptime so far today: 20.9 hours.
    • Meals consumed today: 7.
    • Enjoyable meals consumed today: 3.
    • Time spent travelling today: 7 hours.
    • Time spent online today: 4 hours.
    • Movies watched: 1.
    • Anime episodes wathced: 2.
    • Business presentations made: 2.
    • Newspapers read: 1.
    • Number of times playlist on MP3 player has looped: 4 (approx 40 songs total).
    • Number of times playlist on computer has looped: 0.15 (approx 230 songs total).

    Will have to be awake to buy a Fathers’ Day card and catch a train to Bournemouth in 9 hours’ time.

    Status report complete.

    I need sleep.

  • A Thousand Summer Days

    Ah… good day, good day.

    The sunlight sleepiness of the morning, the fun of the afternoon, and a peaceful evening too, with the coloured lights of the town shining like a double constellation, on land and reflected in the sea…

    I thought about carrying my camera around today, but then I thought that wouldn’t capture all of the essence of it anyway. And besides, in the never-ending future, there’ll be a thousand and more wonderful days like these…

    “Wave after wave rolls on, and the water falls, and the line is drawn.
    Wave after wave rolls in, and the line is gone where my feet have been.
    Hills that I know are there, hidden from my view by the misty air.
    Light shining through the grey turns the water deep shades of lilac blue.
    Music in every sound, light beyond each cloud, hope in every dream.
    Songs like a healing breeze, every breath inhale and the goodness feel.
    Lanes that have brought me here, framed in season flowers, lined in summer green…“

    — Iona, “Wave After Wave”

  • Coloured Lights in the Darkness

    Sitting on the windowsill, staring out at the funfair lights across the water, and dreaming… It’s a brief rest from the weekend’s business. A meal out yesterday, barbecue and five visitors to the house tomorrow, Trawler Race Day on Monday, to Bournemouth for the night on Tuesday, then back to Weymouth to recover on Wednesday. And all that time, there’s festivals and celebrations every day here…

    But for now, it’s just dreaming in the darkness.

  • Cards with Changing Faces

    I got some new Tarot cards today - for once, a normal set. I’ve gotta say, I’m really impressed. The deck’s called the Celtic Dragon Tarot, and the artwork is very nice indeed!

    Looking at them though, reminded me of the deck I made for myself, just over a year ago now. I remember the cards that were in it, and what they symbolised… it seems I really have changed a lot. The anger, the frustration, the feeling that things are approaching a moment of climax, the feeling that things would soon change… I don’t think I feel any of that now. It must have been months since I was angry… and now I just want happiness to last forever…

  • The Nature of Barbecues

    Well, about 2 o’clock this afternoon we decided to have a barbecue. About 1 o’clock in the morning, I’m sitting on the stairs in our house, listening to Bob Dylan and swigging Scrumpy straight from the bottle. And I’ve got to go to work tomorrow morning. Well, this morning really.

    Well, it was the most fun Sunday I’ve ever had ^_^…