Seeking a Final Film Review (by the Numbers)

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It’s getting on for two years since I first drunkenly mocked a film in “By the Numbers” style.  I’m now onto my eighty-third and slowly but surely running out of ideas and interesting things to mock.  I think a round hundred would be a good place to stop, so I’m taking suggestions as to what the next sixteen films should be, and particularly what I should end on.

A film to end on is particularly troublesome, as I’ve already given one film a rating of negative aleph omega, and the review of Dragonball Evolution probably marks the apex of the “over 9000” running joke.  All suggestions are very much appreciated!

Suggestions so far have included:

Any more? :)


Have you written reviews for Flash Gordon or The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Virtual Sexuality (awful film of choice to show new gameSoc people), The Numbers Game (just for the title), Primer (for the WFTfactor)

Virtual Sexuality looks fantastically bad, definitely on the list! Primer also looks extremely WTFy - the promo poster looks like a horror movie version of a G4 PowerMac, and IMDB's reckoning that it was shot on a budget of $7000 bodes well :)

By "The Numbers Game", do you mean this? That's all IMDB turned up.

Chantelle: I tried to review Rocky Horror on Wednesday and... failed. I just couldn't find anything to mock that the film doesn't itself mock!

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