Twenty years on, a GROUP OF OLD FRIENDS revisit their home town of ROYSTON VASEY or something to go on an EPIC PUB CRAWL. This ends, as all EPIC PUB CRAWLS do, with THE ROBOT ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

By the Numbers

  • Trusty cocks: 1
  • Cars of Theseus: 1
  • Robot zombies: 512
  • Robot zombie dismemberments: 98
  • Marmalade sandwiches: 1
  • Czech eggmen: 0
  • Average number of legs per person: Somehow, more than two
  • Bermuda Rhombus and the Aqua Nazis: present
  • Penalty to combat rolls suffered with a full pint of beer in the off hand: fuck. this. meme.
  • Lights punched out: 54
  • Holes in walls: 1
  • Holes in marmalade sandwiches: 1
  • Number of Gary Kings: 7,000,000,000
  • Units of alcohol consumed (reviewer): 6
  • Units of alcohol consumed (characters): Significantly more

Overall: 4 / 5