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This is part of my blog, which I have long since stopped maintaining. The page has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. Please go back to the homepage to see the current contents of this site.

  • Loveless

    Cat-boy transfers to school.

    Cat-boy ignores advances of D-cup alleged 12-year-old.

    Cat-boy reads Nietzsche and rants about master-slave morality.

    Cat-boy is psychologically abused by older man.

    Cat-boy becomes older man’s sub.


    lol, Japan

  • Emo Update

    My apologies to anyone who read my crappy emo post last night. I’m clearly not treating either Eric or Joseph with the love they deserve, so I’ll have to try harder from now on!

  • Halo 3 Discountage

    If, by some massively unlikely feat of probability you want Halo 3 but haven’t already bought it, I’ve got me a £5 off voucher you might like. First come, first served!

    Voucher’s for the normal boxed version not the limited edition, redeemable at Currys and Currys Digital.

  • ARGH

    Joseph’s constant screaming is making me feel sick now. I only get four hours a day to do things that aren’t sleeping, working, travelling or cooking, and I really wish he wouldn’t scream constantly for at least three of them…

  • Casserole

    I just had a rather graphic dream about butchering bunnies.  It’s not fair!  I completely missed the farmers’ market this month. =S  wants bunny

  • Science vs. Magic, Round 1

    Philosophy time! This is the first of possibly many posts I’ll make, to dump my thoughts onto the internet and see what people make of them.

    I, for want of a better phrase, believe in magic. For the sake of argument I’ll define magic thus:
    <blockquote>The ability of a mind to affect reality as perceived by it and by other minds, either directly by thought alone, or by physical actions that are not directly physically related to the desired consequence (e.g. causing it to rain by cloud-seeding involves interaction with clouds, thus not magic, whereas a rain-dance does not involve direct interaction, thus it’s magic).
    </blockquote>Feel free to take issue with that.

    In an attempt to quantify this belief, I’ll say that I am about as convinced that magic is possible as I am that the Copenhagen Interpretation is possible. To people who have never come across the concept before, both seem ridiculous. However, I believe that I have seen enough evidence for them both that I am convinced. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t convince an opponent of either that the object of their opposition is actually a feature of reality. However, I’m pretty sure I could talk around someone who already seems predisposed to believe in that kind of thing (e.g. convince a religious believer of the existence of magic, or a chemist of the existence of quantum indeterminacy).

    So, how can I justify my belief in either? I’ll begin with magic.

    As far as I know, our commonly accepted scientific knowledge contains no mechanism by which magic can sensibly exist. The idea that a mind can directly influence the world without physical action isn’t currently scientifically viable. The idea that something can have an almost unrelated consequence is way out on the improbable fringes of chaos theory.

    These thoughts drag me inexorably in the direction of Mister Berkeley and Idealism. However, the age-old question of whether a tree falling when no-one is there to hear it makes a sound or not raises its head.  It seems silly to suggest that it wouldn’t.  As I understand it, Berkeley’s response is “God is always watching”.  Along with sounding like a bit of a cop-out, this seems at odds with the current understanding of the quantum realm - the fact that indeterminacy seems to exist suggests that (either we’re not really getting it, or) there is no universal observer.

    It seems logical that a tree falling when no-one is around should make a sound.  Perhaps it’s an integral part of what it means to be a tree.  This, they tell me, is Phenomenalism, or something like it.

    However, I have issues with that too.  For example:

    It’s not an intrinsic property of a plastic ball that it should be underground.  In fact, it’s not even a very likely property for any ball in question.  However, say you had a plastic ball.  You bury it in the ground, cover it up perfectly, and don’t tell anyone about it.  Even if there is no reality outside of what’s in our own heads, you know the ball is there, so it is.  No-one else has any opinion on the subject, because they don’t know about it.  Now, say this ball is left for 200 years.  You’re long dead, so no-one knows about the ball.  By chance, someone digs in just that spot.  They find the ball.  If there were no absolute reality, and no-one knew about the ball, it must be random chance that the digger found a ball.  Which leads me to suppose that the chance of him finding a ball was there - and presumably the same - regardless of whether

    you ever buried a ball there in the first place.

    That seems very unlikely.  However, that also seems the logical conclusion of the idealist / phenomenalist points of view, which are the only ones I have encountered that provide a reasonable basis for my experience of magic.

    Thoughts / Comments / Criticisms / Mad Irate Ranting?

  • Keyboard advice

    Eric has declared my keyboard “icky”, so I’m on the look-out for a replacement. (It also isn’t fond of capital letters some days, so it’s sadly not as if cleaning it would solve all the problems.)

    Unfortunately, having perused various websites, I haven’t yet seen one I actually like, which:

    • Has a two-key-width backspace key
    • Has a non-raised bit on the right-hand side of the Caps Lock key, to stop you hitting it at the same time as 'A'
    • Has a Return key that's two rows high
    • Has a set of Insert/Home/etc. keys above the arrow keys in a three wide by two deep block
    • Has multimedia keys that include play/pause, fast-forward, rewind
    • Has at least four other multimedia keys that are a reasonable match for web browser, e-mail, file manager and terminal
    • Is wired

    So: Do any of you have a keyboard that matches most or all of those requirements? If so (and if you’re happy with it) could you let me know what it is and where you got it from? I would be muchly obliged!

  • The 5am Feed

    We got home from Guildford at 6pm yesterday after heavy traffic on the M3, only for Joseph to get very yellow and start wheezing. Thus, £12 of taxi later we pitched up at Poole Hospital. We had to stay there until almost midnight for them to do a few tests eve though they didn’t think anything was particularly wrong. Joseph fed nearly constantly from 9.30 until 11. Another £12 back home, and he was hungry again…

    The over-tiredness and Joseph-screams are taking their toll on me quite severely. Eric has instructed me not to be emo. I quite agree - I’m being rubbish when I ought to be supportive - I just wish that was easier after 20 hours awake!

    Now it’s 5.30am. He’s been feeding for half an hour and shows no signs of stopping. We have to be ready to leave the house at 10am to go to yet another hospital to get his tongue-tie fixed.

    On the plus side, he may be getting more used to sleeping in his cot rather than with us now, which can only be a good thing.

  • Leaving Them Behind

    Once again I have to leave the hospital at 9pm, letting Eric and Joseph sleep all-too-cutely together. It’s very difficult to leave them behind, when I desperately want to stay. It’s going to be even odder on Thursday, when I have to go to work and somehow pretend to be doing something useful rather than wishing I was back at the hospital.

    I wonder how men coped before we were allowed paternity leave? I just can’t imagine…

    Also, many apologies to Domina and Gideon about the new no-visitors-allowed thing. I guess you’ll both get your chance after they come home from hospital! (We’ll probably leave it a few days before having visitors at home to give Joseph time to adjust.)

    Tonight, thanks to the wonderful Red Bull fairies, I am not feeling like death. Thus, I will attempt to have actual food! …Almost real food. Emergency quiche gets, since most of my fridge has now gone off.

  • Moving Hospitals

    Quick update - we’re transferring to Bournemouth hospital this afternoon. Unfortunately, due to an outbreak of something-or-other, we won’t be allowed visitors there. I’ll post if this changes, but at the moment it looks like 2-4 this afternoon in Poole is the last time anyone can visit us. Sorry!