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This is part of my blog, which I have long since stopped maintaining. The page has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. Please go back to the homepage to see the current contents of this site.

  • Spoils of Weekends

    Right, I’m off to see my mum for her birthday. I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon for the other two birthdays this weekend!

    A lot of people I think have wanted to borrow stuff of mine that’s at my parents’ house, so now is a good time for me to go and get these things. Unfortunately, I’m stupid and have forgotten most of them. I remember Eric was after Discworld books, but aside from that I can’t remember any.

    I won’t have ‘net access from about 15 minutes’ time, so if you want stuff calling or texting is the way to go. See you all tomorrow!

  • Films and Presentations

    Yesterday was fun! ^_^ Got taught how to play Battlefleet Gothic at Gamesoc, and it seems I’ve been roped into an ongoing campaign… Should be good! I’m probably going to get horribly owned, though… =S

    Went to see The Libertine at the Uni cinema afterwards. Awesome, awesome film. If you get a chance to see it, go! Unless you’d be offended by, well, Johnny Depp porn. Near enough, anyway.

    Next up: Third Year Conference presentation in 45 mins. nervous more nervous need more coffee need more Red Bull need more chocolate

  • Changeling Game Update

    An update on the current Changeling situation, for those playing:

    Racheet: Character sheet online, you’re good to go.

    Andy: I have a draft of your character sheet, with no magic. If you’re done feel free to post on the Character Details thread, else get in touch and we’ll finish off anything still outstanding.

    Little Andy: I have the character sheet we worked out ages ago, but it needs modifying for the new rules.

    Eric: I have the vaguest of idea what you want to play, nothing concrete. Let’s talk it through sometime and come up with a character sheet.

    Domina: I know you have difficulty getting online at the moment, we may need to meet up again to try and come up with a character concept.

    Mark: Game’s here if you’re still interested in playing. You’ve probably heard the setting a dozen times by now, but grab me at some point if you want to talk things through.

    Let’s get this game going!

  • Fucksocks.

    Atomic Physics: 56%

    Light & Matter: 44%

    Crystalline Solids: 35%

    Arse arse arse arse arse arse.

    Not good. Not good.

    Completely unexpectedly bad.

    I believe it may be explained thusly:

  • Sleep Cycle

    Okay, my sleep cycle is now almost amusingly screwed. I’m just about having time to do the work I need to do, although I have presentation doom in a week’s time, but I’m just not getting up in time for any of my lectures… I really need to get properly into motivated mode, even if it means going to bed before midnight most days.

    Also, my hard disk diead again on Tuesday. Ah well, at least that’s 120GB less distractions.

  • Closing of the Moment

    The rain-tainted sky darkens slowly over the city, and friends depart; two by two, one by one. Like all of my life these days, the last week has blurred out into a past I can barely remember already.

    Valentine’s Day is over. The wondrous AndyFest is over.

    It was fun, all of it. It really was. So much happened… Making truffles, museum visits, lunch in town, Drool & Wooster, evenings chatting and drinking at home, the meal, the cake, the night out, the meeting for coffee that turned into an entire afternoon…

    Wonderful times; the stuff Forever is made of.

  • Multiple Ranting I'm Afraid

    My apologies for this, feel free not to read it.

    First off, what is it with me these days? Am I just losing hold of reality or something? Physically, I end up tripping over anything and everything in sight, and tonight I even managed to screw up sitting down on a sofa. And mentally, I now seem incapable of picking up other peoples’ feelings, even noticing whether they’re in the room or not, and either I forget things really easily or people never bother to tell me very much anymore… Then again, seems people forget most of what I tell them, too.

    Next up, would something entirely happy happen sometime soon, please? Pretty much everything I do with other people, I enjoy - right up until someone points out some bad side to it afterwards and spoils the whole thing. =S

    Also, a bit of advice would be appreciated from anyone willing. What on earth is an appropriate thing to do about two friends who suddenly can’t seem to stand being near each other anymore? This kind of division between friends of mine has happened before, and each time it’s gone on so long that I’ve grown to dislike one of them enough that it feels okay to remove them from my life. It’s happening again, now… Do I really have to resort to that way out again?

  • More Catching Up

    Yet again, over a week with no blog posting. I’m not sure why, I just don’t really feel the desire to write here so often anymore. Probably just a phase I’m going through though… =S

    So, what’s been going on?

    I never did do a big post about Conception. I can’t really be bothered now. Suffice to say it was awesome. Also Red Bull, the Buffy Musical and Tenacious D will forever remind me of it. Also, fear.

    Lectures are underway, and aside from the fact I’ve missed a couple already and that they just don’t sink in after only four hours’ sleep, they’re going well. They don’t seem that hard this semester, which hopefully is a good sign. Although it might be a very bad one.

    Most Auspicious RoboFish Project is running miles behind schedule now. I have to do a presentation and submit a paper on it by the beginning of March, which to be honest isn’t scaring me. But sometime soon I have to actually do something on this project rather than just talk and write about it. I may have to switch to “motivated mode” (not to be confused with Neko Mimi Mode </obscure>) as soon as AndyFest is over.

    Oh, yes, the wondrous Andy is visiting. Much fun is being had, along with much alcamahol and much good food. Unfortunately I’m feeling guilty about most of that, as I’m drinking plenty of his and Mark’s port and sherry while not being able to afford any of my own.

    I have £400 to live on until June. This is not good. Fantastic Savings Account Raiding Prana!

    Eric visited for Valentine’s Day yesterday. Squee! I made chocolate truffles ^__^ (Mmm, chocolate truffles).

    Today: attempting to survive more lectures through the power of caffeine, attempting to survive GameSoc through the power of caffeine, attending the Drool & Wooster (binging of Sharpe and Jeeves & Wooster) tonight through the power of the wondrous Rhiannon, Rhiannon’s wondrous living room, and wondrous caffeine.

    Thursday, museum visits of some kind I think. Friday, cooking the uber-meal. (Roasted Nietzsche.) Saturday, Dungeoneering. Sunday, the end of AndyFest. Monday… I have to see my project tutor.

    Right. Off to lectures via the coffee machine.

    Oh, more Changeling fun. I now have four players, which is enough for me to run. Domina, do you still want in on this? If so, see the link on my blog post last week. Otherwise, we’re good to go once I finish putting all the info up for people to read!

    One last thing - if I hadn’t mentioned before, my birthday thingummy is now set for Bank Holiday Monday, the 1st of May. Open invite, costume thoroughly appreciated, there will be barbecues and firestaffing and anything else anyone happens to want to do.

    Now I really do have to go. Bye~!

  • Busy-ness

    Exams were a bit evil.

    Conception (the gaming con, believe me all the jokes have already been made) report coming soon. It was really, really good.

    Lectures start tomorrow, eek.

    I’m really, really busy. It’s kinda’ scary.

    Attention Changeling Players!

    Pre-game preparation is gathering speed. I’ll probably be up and ready to run in a couple of weeks. Watch this space for setting and game information over the next week or so: =>

    Also if you’re interested in playing or have already invited, please Request Access on that page (you’ll need an RPoL account) or comment here.

    Any objections to running this game on RPoL are welcome, but now is your chance.

  • Of Tiredness

    I am, as my mother would no doubt delight in informing me, over-tired. It’s a most strange feeling… I don’t feel tired, but my brain is suggesting all the wrong feelings and emotions for every situation, and it’s dominated by the idea that everything will be okay in the morning…