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This is part of my blog, which I have long since stopped maintaining. The page has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. Please go back to the homepage to see the current contents of this site.

  • Packing my Life into Colourful Plastic Boxes

    So, today I’m packing up my stuff… Everything that I don’t physically need for the next week. Well, I say “physically need”, but that list does include my computer. ^_^; Anyway, it feels really odd - no matter how many times I’ve moved over the last few years, I still don’t really get used to this.

    Also, I find myself in the odd position of being a DeviantArt beta tester for the next week. Can I find any new features to test? Nope. Is the deviation I submitted 10 minutes ago showing up yet? Nope. Can I re-submit it? Nope. Argh…

  • Odd Mental State

    I have now been up for over 24 hours, of which I’ve spent about 23 of them in the company of one individual. My brain is melting. I decided to go for a swim with Mark, but it only cleared my mind while I was there… Now I’m back to the hayfevery sauna of the rest of the world, I have a headache and sore eyes again.

    Also, I am the least fit person ever. I had to pause after every two lengths, and my heart rate was hitting 150. Breast stroke. Slow lane.

    All this sparring practice I’ve been doing has proved I still have the skill and agility I had a few years ago, but I think this afternoon’s proved that I lack the strength and stamina. More daily exercise for me, I think.

  • The Closing Moments

    It’s perhaps a bit odd that the thing that makes me realise how little time I’ve got left here is a BitTorrent client, but nevertheless that’s the case. One of my torrents is estimated to take a further 8 days to complete - whereas once I’d have dismissed that as “it’ll finish eventually” and just waited until it did, now… Now I don’t have eight days. That torrent will never finish.

    Only seven days, now, until I lose my beloved ADSL for three months… Ten days until the party, Eleven days until I leave Southampton, thirteen days until Spain… I’m running out of time, fast.

  • The Dawn Chorus at the End of the Dream

    You know, at times like this I could almost be convinced that the sunrise looks even more beautiful in a city. On the other hand, maybe it’s just that the air is tinged golden with a sense of happiness and freedom. During these few slow days, so much tension and stress is being released all around us…

  • An Alternative to Revision

    About 8 this evening, we debated what to have for dinner. It was decided that there should be roast potatoes… a while later, chicken was theorised… then a bunch of other vegetables…

    Two hours later, there was roast dinner. Chicken roasted with garlic oil and herbs; along with potatoes, carrots and onions, roasted in honey and ginger dressing; and stuffing. I feel rather proud, it turned out pretty well. It’s not helping me revise Thermal Physics, though. The exam’s tomorrow afternoon, and revision for it is ridiculous - so many formulae to learn, and forgetting even one of them could screw up the paper completely…

    Ah well, gotta’ look on the bright side. Everything’ll turn out for the best in the end, it always does.

    “She’s a kind of cross between Naga and Misato, with extra scary.” <– A shiny e-penny to the first person to guess who this refers to.

  • Kentucky Fried Brain

    Twelve hours with no time on my own has, I think, fried my brain. I passed through the stage where it’d mounted up so much that everything in the world felt like an irritation; and now, I think, there’s nothing for it but to sleep with the hope of tomorrow’s revision in sight.

  • An Exercise in Triviality

    Exams so far:

    Optics, last Thursday: Very easy, expected 80%.

    Medical, today: Almost trivial, expected 80-90%.

    This is going well! ^_^ Shame the next two will be, I suspect, harder.

    Also, what is it with me, exams and dating sims? I remember spending most of January playing Kanon instead of revising, and now I spent yesterday playing the new english translation of the HaniHani Operation Sanctuary demo. Curses his easily-distracted mind

  • Waltz of Mist and Raindrops

    So, there were plans today. Shopping, Shakeaway, going to see Sin City. In the end, it was just Mark and I who left the house to head into town under steel-grey skies.

    Fifteen minutes later, we’d made it as far as Faraday building where we stood dripping on the polished floor, sipping soup and coffee in the hope that the rain might stop. It never did, of course, and after a few minutes the distant hill in the east became wreathed in thick white mist.

    We went back home. Perhaps it was too much to expect something like fun during the exam season.

    For now… I revise. Maybe later, if I’m lucky, I’ll dream of June sunshine.

  • Recovery Complete! (I hope)

    Well, it looks like I’m back to being my normal Ian/Tsuki thingy again. That’s a good thing, I guess, although it does seem to mean I get hungry more and do less housework. Ah well. Maybe, just hopefully, I’ll now be able to revise for my exam in 36 hours’ time. I’m confident, though, it’s a ridiculously easy subject. Only problem is, there’s an essay question on which we don’t get a choice of subject. I’m not looking forward to the exam, I bet the essay will be on lasers, or aberrations, the two subjects I don’t really know all that well…

  • Recovery Almost Complete

    Over two days since the end of the game, and I think ‘m just about recovered. Maybe. I’ve just got to try not to think about it, for the duration of the exams at least.

    (Unfortaunately, the result of the first meme isn’t helping with that…)