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This is part of my blog, which I have long since stopped maintaining. The page has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. Please go back to the homepage to see the current contents of this site.

  • Passing of Conclusion

    So it seems that, almost without a thought, term ended… Not with a bang, or a pop, or even with a party. It faded, just like I thought it probably would. I guess that now it’s time to fade out for a while.

    Bournemouth people:

    I feel like I should say “just like old times”, but really I shouldn’t say things like that. Anyway… Thursday 23rd December. How does Pump, EZ2, Shakeaway and ‘Spoons curry sound?

  • Imminence

    Well, here we are, four hours from the end of this term’s Uni work. And, even now, it doesn’t feel special yet…

    Not a lot’s happened in real life since yesterday, but it feels very definitely otherwise - an awful lot happened in yesterday’s World of Darkness game. Physically and mentally - not only was Malachai within a few seconds of death, but the whole Shelley thing has suddenly speeded up an awful lot. I guess that’s just the way it is, but it’s still a little fast from Malachai’s point of view. I guess, when I think about it, I do have enough experience to know how he would feel. (Oh, and he owes Shelley his life now, which will make things even more odd…)

    Anyway, enough roleplaying talk, and on with the Photonics Labs. Not long left, now…

  • Acceleration of Conclusion

    Well, conveniently the problem of whether or not to go to lectures today was solved for me - I slept through all of them. Even the one at 2pm. So, all that’s left of this term now is roleplaying tonight, Photonics on friday afternoon, friday night’s party, and three days of fading away…

  • Approach of Conclusion

    Well… for better or worse, that’s all my deadlines for this term out of the way. And wow, that feels good… This afternoon - and especially this evening, at the ninja-costumed pub crawl (pictures soon) - I can really have fun!

    Not that I’m completely finished yet, though - I still have three lectures tomorrow that I might or might not go to, and the Photonics labs on Friday. But still, it feels like term’s ending. It’s almost - almost - beginning to feel like Christmas…

  • Sensation of Conclusion

    Now, finally, it’s starting to feel like this term is ending. But not a sudden end, though - more like it’s fading; as we start to drift away for a while, trails of golden light disappearing into the darkness…

  • Thrown Off-track

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised… When they advised us that we should do the Data Handling problem sheets every week during the term, it looks like they were right. Doing the remaining five by lunchtime tomorrow is not happening.

    The whole “new housemate” thing has thrown me completely off-track, and I’ve spent much more time in the last two days cleaning the house than doing Uni work. Thankfully, Data Handling is only 2% of the overall grade in two modules, and if I manage to do one more DH problem sheet tonight or tomorrow then I’ll only have dropped 1%.

    When compared to the horribly low mark that I might be on course for in Photonics, that’s hardly anything.

    Current odds on getting a First this year: Pfft. Don’t make me laugh.

  • Imminence of Failure

    Woke up around midday today, and spent most of the time between then and 11pm feeling tired and as if I was about to collapse. Result - I got no work done. 7 problem sheets remain, to be done within 36 hours. Right now, of course, when I really need to get some sleep before my 8am start tomorrow, I feel wide awake. Staying awake throughout the night is tempting, but I know it’s a stupid idea.

    In slightly better news, we might be getting a new housemate sometime soon. Unfortunately she’s coming round to see the house sometime this week, which means at least two hours’ worth of tidying. Worst timing evar.

  • Verbal Open Heart Surgery

    Admitting to things I thought I’d rather keep secret was a strangely helpful experience, I think.

    On the other hand, not getting to sleep until 6am was not ^_^;;

  • In the last day...

    Of the last 24 hours, I’ve spent:

    2 hours cooking and eating

    6 hours asleep

    7 hours working

    9 hours playing (and watching) Soul Calibur 2.

    I win the prize.

  • The Beginning of an End

    Well, it’s December after all. Allegedly. It still doesn’t feel like it.