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This is part of my blog, which I have long since stopped maintaining. The page has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. Please go back to the homepage to see the current contents of this site.

  • A Lost Week

    Somehow, this past week seems to have happened without me realising. I’ve realised that it’s remarkably easy to slip back into procrastination in this house, I’ve realised how much this place feels like home, and perhaps more importantly I’ve discovered that I have a 6000-word essay due in on Friday that I’m never going to be able to finish, a lab report and three problem sheets due in next week, then a week of exams for which I’ve not even thought about revising.

    But still, for some reason, I’m optimistic. I guess it would be weird if it was otherwise. But still, I sit here not doing the work I know needs to be done, sure that everything will turn out right in the end. After all, it always does. When I think about it, I can’t think of anything that’s ever happened that hasn’t had some kind of up-side to it…

  • An Evening of Bleh

    This evening has been odd… I’ve got lots of stuff done, but none of it’s been work-related. Also I left the thermostat for the house on 10 degrees all afternoon, and so I’m feeling a bit ill now because I’ve been so cold… I just hope I’m better by tomorrow so I can get started on some work.

  • Back Here Again

    I’m back in Southampton now, four days earlier than planned. It’s kinda’ lonely here with no-one else around, but internet stuff seems to be taking up 100% of my time today. Oh yeah, and I have tons of coursework to do. Writing up lab papers for experiments I did three months ago, for a deadline I can’t remember. Joy.

  • Always and Forever

    It’s at times like this that I’m sure all of us will be together, forever…

    Happy New Year, everyone!!

  • Xenosaga

    Xenosaga > *. That is all.

  • Childhood's Epilogue

    As a child, I remember, Christmas was a wondrous time full of happiness and joy. Even as a teenager, although it had lost some of its wonder, I still remember looking forward to it. Over time, though, our approach to Christmas was changing. I guess the first thing it lost for me was a religious significance, then maybe when we got a fake tree, then when we started decorating half-heartedly, when my parents started hating having to cook Christmas dinner (yet would never let me help), when snow was only something from memories… Gradually, I guess, Christmas lost its magic. Now it’s Christmas Eve and I’m not even vaguely excited. I had no advent calendar to finish today, and my room’s not decorated. Slowly but surely, I think I’m learning what it means to be an adult.

  • A Sense of Completeness

    Nothing ever changes, huh? For a while I’m back with everyone in Bournemouth. Today was perhaps more of a reminder than a reunion - the day went just like they always used to, and left a warm feeling behind in our hearts. Walking home at the end of the night, I felt warm despite the cold, sober despite the alcohol, surrounded by friends although alone, and if I closed my eyes I could almost feel the world shining and beautiful around me. As if, with every step, I was coming closer to the world around me. As if I was complete.

  • Leaving a World Behind

    So ended another term. It felt like an awful lot happened in these past few months, and when I think about it the time was full of memories being made. Happy ones and sad ones too, but in a way the emotion doesn’t matter. It’s memories that make these days everlasting - the best days of our lives.

    Let’s all make more memories together next term! Merry Christmas everybody!

  • A Last Meal

    Tonight, I ate my last proper meal here for a while - and also the largest I’ve eaten in over a week. Man, am I stuffed!

    Earlier on today I tried to venture into Portswood to get Christmas stuff, but for some reason all the card and wrapping paper shops seem to have decided to close. I know it’s Sunday, but come on! What’s wrong with opening from 11 ‘til 5 at least? So, it looks like I’ll be doing emergency shopping tomorrow…

    [Mai-Hime Episode 8]

    Holy fuck, Miyu is EVIL! And also has KOS-MOS’s R-BLADE. This makes her cool, and yet, I *really
    don’t want to end up liking her…*

  • Of Rainfall and Farewells

    As seems to be traditional, days of leaving are greeted by stormy weather. Today, we said goodby to Mark until the new year as rain fell in seemingly-solid sheets around the house. Inside there might have been presents and mince pies (by the way, making them is hard without a rolling pin or pastry-cutter =p) but it still doesn’t feel like Christmas. Perhaps tomorrow, when I’m forced to venture into the pre-Christmas free-for-all mob that is Southampton city centre in December, it might begin to sink in…