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This is part of my blog, which I have long since stopped maintaining. The page has been preserved in case its content is of any interest. Please go back to the homepage to see the current contents of this site.

  • Empty Cupboards, Empty Dreams

    So, that’s it. No more Gateley Hall, no more Flat 4.

    And so, it’s Summer again. Hardly seems like any time at all since last time around, does it? And yet, a lot of things have happened this year, and a lot has changed.

    Until late September to early October sometime, I’ll be effectively without internet access. MSN will be pretty much no-go for me, and I’ll only be able to be on IRC when I visit other peoples’ houses. E-mails I should be able to check from work once or twice a day, though. LiveJournal updates will probably come in weekly blocks, since I’m not sure my boss would take kindly to me sitting at the internet machine blogging away every day.

    So, until I see you all again…

    Have a great summer!!

  • Oh, How I Wish for Sleep

    So, I went to bed about 1.30am - not unusual. Unfortunately I forgot to set an away message on MSN, so at 2.30am I get worken up by Ike’s incessant spam. After that, I manage to get to sleep until 5.30am, whereupon people start talking in the corridor outside my room, and the door do Jo’s room starts slamming once every minute or so.

    That’s still continuing, albeit less frequently now. But now it’s light outside, and the chances of me being able to get any sleep at all from now on are zero. So I guess today is official caffeine day for me!

  • Taking Down Posters

    Taking down my posters, I can’t help but remember the day on which I put them all up…

    Packing away the year’s work, I can’t help but remember where I was and who I was with when I was working…

    And all the other random junk I have around, that made this place my home.

    There’s something almost painful about leaving.

  • Change of Plans

    Looks like my parents are coming to pick me up at about 10am on Friday morning. So I guess I only have one day left here, and I probably need to spend it all packing and doing chores…

    Four months without my friends in Southampton, and without the DDRFUKkers too… It’ll be lonely, I think ^_^; But never mind - the sun’s still shining, life carries on… I shouldn’t be unhappy about anything!

    “Her eyes are starring at me

    Empty as the sky
    In this moment of tranquility

    I realize
    This is goodbye…“

    ~ Apoptygma Berzerk - Moment of Tranquility

  • An Eternity of Sunshine

    Despite the fact I’ve done virtually nothing today except burn anime onto CD, the awesomeness of today’s weather just makes me feel great! I hope it lasts…

    *“From burning sky, there is white and burning sun.
    The horizon reflects, waveringly in my eyes
    The blowing sand, is filling up the sky and
    a ripple spreads, far away just like the sea…” *
    ~ EIKO - Suna no Shiro

  • Damnit!

    I just had the most awesome dream, but it faded so quickly from my mind… I remember it was set in London, and some entity that seemed to be God was killing off all the important humans one-by-one. But then, certain humans were quickly developing magic powers, the powers of ancient dragons I think they were, and the story turned into the reinactment of an ancient draconic war using magickally-adept humans as the dragons’ representatives on Earth.

    It was an awful lot cooler at the time than it sounds from what I’ve just written…

  • An Ending

    Staring out of the window this afternoon, it seems like hardly any time at all since we arrived here. And in so short a time, we made this place our own, and now all of a sudden we’re leaving again… So I guess that means a third of my time at University is done. Only two years left. I guess I’m being childish when I say I wish it could last forever - but I do, I really do. Every day here is full of wonderful feelings and wonderful people… When I think of some of the adults I know - how rarely they see their friends, and how lacking in emotion and adventure their lives are… Why? Why would people want to be like that? I want to always live like I do now…

    But then, I guess that’s nothing but a childish thought as well. In time, I suppose, I’ll think differently.

    *“Never thought
    This day would come so soon
    We had no time to say goodbye
    How can the world just carry on?
    I feel so lost when you are not by my side
    But there’s nothing but silence now
    Around the one I loved
    Is this our farewell?
    So sorry your world is tumbling down
    I will watch you through these nights
    Rest your head and go to sleep
    Because my child, this not our farewell.
    This is not our farewell.” *
    ~ Within Temptation - Our Farewell

  • Awesome weekend!

    Saturday was the DDRFUK (plus a few DDRUK people) meet, and it was absolutely awesome! Meeting everyone again was brilliant, I definitely need to go to more of these meets! My achievements today - getting an A on Beethoven Virus, and spilling Lime’s drink all over the floor within a minute of his arrival. ;;_;; I win the prize. Also had a go at Valenti on Freestyle mode and discovered it to be the most fun thing ever. Inspired by that, I went and had a go at some DDR doubles and did pretty well, so I think doubles is the way to go for fun at the moment. I also need to get better at freestyle - my main problem is reading complicated arrow sequences, so I figure I could aim for doing simple songs while looking good rather than just going for harder songs all the time.

    Saturday finished and Sunday began with minimal amounts of sleep at Ant’s place (curse you, you have a far bigger room than I do =p), and then we went off to LAC. Saw lots of people that I recognised there, but didn’t actually talk to many of them ;;;; Mohammed brought along the spoils of his latest trip to an American convention - that man has far too much money! Vaguely noticed episode 1 of a series called “Samurai Champloo” looking quite cool, even if the name sucks - I keep wanting to call is Samurai Shampoo ^^ Spoils of today: Galaxy Angel book 1, Looking for the Sun book 4, Crescent Moon book 1. What is Crescent Moon? I have no idea, and neither does the part of the internet that I’ve just searched. It looks very pretty though!

  • Twelve Hours TBH

    Twelve hours until the start of this weekend’s London festivities which will remove what little remains of my bank balance.

    In other good news, I now have my start date sorted out for my job this summer, so at least I know what’s going on! Also my second sponsorship cheque should arrive soon now.

    In yet more random news, I’ve found something else I shouldn’t buy but want to - it’s shiny, extremely gaudy-looking, rather cheap and light enough to use… pretty much perfect for sword-dancing fun. My parents would probably make a fuss though, so I’ll probably get around to buying it when I move house in October.

  • Is that Freedom I Taste, or just the Espresso?

    Note to self: Caffeine is not a good substitute for revision.

    I spent most of the morning’s Oscillations and Waves exam feeling like my head was full of fluff rather than brain. I forgot a few formulae that I really should have remembered, which meant that for a start I couldn’t even answer the first question properly. Things started to pick up (and my brain started to work again) about half way through, though, so I think I did okay. I’m guessing I got maybe around 60%, hopefully more.

    Also: There’s a fine line between “deriving from first principles” and “blagging it”, which I may have crossed ^_^;

    Anyway, as this morning’s haze of coffee and trigonometry fades, I’m finally starting to realise that it’s over - that’s it - no more exams - no more Uni for four months! On the one hand I’m felling very happy about that - there’s a long summer ahead of me that doesn’t require an awful lot of work. On the other hand, over the past year I’ve got very attached to friends here in Southampton and the DDRFUKkers too - and not being able to speak to them for three and a half months while I’m stuck in Weymouth isn’t going to be fun…