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  • And, with the rain...

    And, with the rain, my motivation to do anything - particularly things involving carrying large planks of wood around town and cutting them up - disappeared. Another day of no practical work, so I’ll have to make up for it with some slaving over LaTeX…

    Or the other type of latex, actually. My LARP weapons could use some work before Maelstrom.

    Also in the news today:

    • I have seen the future, and it's damn cool.
    • A message to some of my Changeling players: Does this page look familiar to you? No? Thought not =p
    • Last night I discovered what is now officially the most awesome bar in Southampton: Sobar. Not for the ambience, which is trying and failing to be trendy. Not for the music, which is pretty non-existent. Not for the cocktail menu, which is dire. But for the fact they have a Phoenix cabinet built into a table.
    • My computer spent this morning in Trojan Hell. Some of them are really quite vicious these days. =S I'm inclined to avoid for a while, every file I've encountered recently from there is full of virussy badness...

  • Party Advert #2

  • Party Advert #1

  • UniversalTruth Discovered in Sentai Show

    Up until now, I would have described sentai shows as being a bit weird, not really my thing.

    However, I have just watched Garo episode 24. The plot of the first part of this episode goes thusly:

    Main characters versus Gothic Lolita.

    Gothic Lolita wins.

    The universe suddenly just became more… right.

  • Behold a New Era of Gay!

    For the attention of Racheet, Rhiannon and others with similar taste:

    I have found a new contender for the gayest anime series ever - yea, verily mayhap even gayer than Cluster edge and Meine Liebe. It’s at least a lot less subtle =S

    Gakuen Heaven, aka “Boy’s Love Scramble”

    Unfortunately at least one other person may be required to watch this, since I don’t think I can bear to watch it alone =S

  • A Few Discoveries Today

    1) It’s really, definitely Spring now! I was down to a t-shirt while wandering around today and was still warm; the trees are starting to blossom; and I saw two different kinds of butterfly on the way into Uni, too.

    2) The postal service has a running conspiracy to make it appear that I am buying many varied sizes of rocket launcher. The last two major things I mail-ordered both came as a long thin tube with a sort of bulgy bit on one side about quarter of the way down. What with my security clearance for work not quite complete yet, I wonder if MI5 realise that I’ve bought a firestaff, poi, a bokken and some sandals rather than two rocket launchers? =p

    3) Tabi socks are awesome, however I shan’t be using them as costume at Maelstrom. They’re currently that really-bad-washing-powder-advert white, and thus even so much as showing them a picture of some mud will get them dirty. Still, I’ll be wearing them on May 1st. And around the house for that matter.

  • The Crescendo of Change Realised

    It’s been so long, you know, since I first came here. Back then, I was so unsure of myself, and so - in a way - scared of those around me. I think, back then, innocence was the one thing in the world I prized the most. So much so that it was something I strived to keep as much as possible, and so much so that my easily-breakable nature that appeared as a by-product created a hobby for my friends.

    It’s been nearly three years, three years of learning and three years of change for all of us.

    In my first year, I learned a bit about what life is.

    In my second year, I learned a lot about what friends are.

    And now, in my third and final year here, I’m coming to learn who I am.

    I guess, in more ways than one, I’m not so innocent anymore. It’s been a gradual process, but I’m not quite so breakable now. It really brought it home a few weeks ago when I managed to disturb Zane - a feat I’m not sure anyone else appears to have managed. All I said was one word, but in front of someone who didn’t believe me capable of uttering such a word… It’s all in the timing, it really

    is. Even if the timing involves two and a half years of waiting.

    More and more, these days, I’m becoming fully myself. And I only have my friends to thank for it, so… Thank you!

    “I feel like I can see the future more and more these days, and what I see is a future full of light, and life, and love. I see a heaven, a glittering future story, a never-ending tale of hearts and swords.”

    ~ Kotori, narrating “A Decade Went Past”</i>

  • Latest in the Series

    MAG302: Derived Magical Practice

    Important information for students concerning the course:

    Fate/stay night is also real life.

  • Birthday Celebrations Announced!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce the imminence of the most fantastic and wonderous event of the year*, to be held here in the city of Southampton on 1st May.

    On the Common all through the afternoon and evening, there will be a celebration in honour of the beginning of summer and of my very own 21st birthday.

    Everyone is invited!

    * May be a lie

  • Life

    I have long suspected that real life is, in fact, an anime.

    I have now discovered the more worrying truth. I have discovered which anime.

    Real life is, in fact, Magikano.

    EDIT: Real life is also Genshiken, but I assume everyone realised this already.